Reference mix for NAWSH. Electro vibes, funk, 60s and 70s rock. And Frank Zappa. Yeah.

Dedicated to @frankborjak for yanking me out of my artistic rut.

"Wherever You Were","Holly Golightly"

"X-Theme","The Exorcist GBG"


"Two Doves On A Lake","Archie Bronson Outfit"

"Wherever You Were","Holly Golightly"

"Transcendental Phases","Birds"

"Why Did You Do It?","Stretch"

"En dag till","Slowgold"

"Videovåld","Christian Gabel"

"Great Northern Sea - Dub Mix","Ganga"

"Ouji Lecolds","dan le sac"

"Winter Beat","Michael Nau"

"White Islands","DIE VERBOTEN"

"Voytek","The Heavy Eyes"

"Dance of the Mince Pie Martians","The Night Monitor"

"The Cigarette Song","Shurmin"

"Tunnel","Minami Deutsch"

"WAKE Me Up","Elvis Costello, The Roots"

"Suitcase Full of Sparks","Gregory Alan Isakov"

"Twilight - Acid Pauli Remix","Noema"

"Willie The Pimp","Frank Zappa"

"Shabadrass","dan le sac"

"We Own The Night","Dark Strands"

"What Happened In Bowdark","Rickard Jäverling"