What happens when I get a preview of Liars Thieving latest release audiovoidrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/an…th-child

two days before watching "Motherless Brooklyn" - a tribute set to Matt Green;

"In The Earth I","Clint Mansell"

"Torn Tears","Liars Thieving"

"Black Dick","Xiu Xiu"

"We Take That","Liars Thieving"

"Sharp on the Line","Daniel Pemberton"

"Borough Authority"

"We Take That","Liars Thieving"

"1 - Liars Thieving - Never Nothing"

"Emergency Room","Daniel Pemberton"

"4 - Liars Thieving - Victimless Refix"

"Across Harlem","Daniel Pemberton"

"3 - Liars Thieving - Anutha Truth Child"

"Fire It Up","Daniel Pemberton"

"No Wisdom","Daniel Pemberton"

"2 - Liars Thieving - Mind Ruck"


"MSTR (Argentique #3) [feat. DoubleFace D3, Crey, Helios, Atlashsc, Scott Flinko & ACCALMIE]","Elio Ξ."


"Elysium","Ryan Amon"


"Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (feat. Yin)","All India Radio""