First draft: A combination of progressive/psychedelic/drone rock and techno for those hazy days in the summer grass.

"The Sea (C418 Remix)","Floex, Tomas Dvorak, C418"

"YFS","Stoned Jesus"

"We Own The Night","Dark Strands"

"Vorfreude 2","Andrew Weatherall"


"Virgo","Robert Leiner"

"Violence - REZZ Remix","Grimes, i_o"

"Unicorn Farm","The Sword"

"To the Wolves","Forming the Void"

"Those Collective Dreams","Tecwaa"

"Sing It","In Fields"

"A Shaman's Hand is Infinite","Al Lover"

"Set Your Sights","The Vintage Caravan"

"Sapiens Sapiens","Rickard Jäverling"



"Right Death Before","ASG"

"Ra Wah Wah","Psychic Ills"


"Introduction","Rickard Jäverling"

"Hutches","Hidden Orchestra"


"Gypsy - Album Version","Uriah Heep"

"Goo","Pistol Disco"